Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bottom Ten

The Arch Rival, The Nemisis, The Team You Love To Hate.
It doesn't matter if we win, as long as they lose.
Here's my list, compiled based on several factors. It's changed some over the years, a few of the entries could have even appeared on a previous list of favorites. This is where they are today:

10) L.A. Lakers
Unlikable, but no worse 'cause I really don't care
9 tie) Connecticut Sun
The WNBA is more relevant to me than the NBA
9 tie) Carl Edwards
NASCAR is more relevant to me than the NBA
8) New York Mets
Formerly higher (lower?) on the list, but now out of the Cub's division
7) Minnesota Twins
Respected, yes. But still hated.
6) Denver Broncos
But glad they beat the Packers in SuperBowl XXXII
5) New York Yankees
Every true baseball fan should hate this team.
4) St. Louis Cardinals
A former #1, time and familarity have mellowed my disgust.
3) University of Illinois (any sport)
And I don't even care about the Hawkeyes much anymore
2) Chicago Bears
Ineptness has never been as sweet.
The Monstrosities of the Midway
1) Houston Astros
Idiotic stadium, gross players.

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